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Proudly Locally Owned & Operated

Servicing the Delmarva Area

Scooping the Poop at a Yard Near YOU!

Call & Schedule Your "Free Time"

Don’t waste your precious free time on poop! Call us and schedule your pick-up! We scoop the poop weekly, twice weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time only, basically anytime you want so you can enjoy life & your furbaby without worrying about pickin’ up poop! 

What We Do

We Don't Stop at Pickin' Up the Poop!

  • Deodorize Hard Surfaces 
  • Re-seed grass with compost application on  Urine “Burn” Spots
  • Give your best friend love & treats 

         (if allowed by Mom & Dad)

What Do You Do?

Enjoy your free-time, your pup, and your clean yard!