Original Fairy

Poop Fairies has a unique start to life. To say 2020 was a difficult time for many people is quite an understatement.  Beth, our founder had been in the hospitality industry for 24 years, eventually worked her way up to an executive at a local hotel.   Unfortunately 2020, specifically COVID made that profession unsafe for her.

Faced with changing careers she spent some quality time cuddling with her dogs, taking lots of walks, and enjoying lots of puppy kisses.  One day she was hit with some pixie dust and decided the missing service in the Delmarva area was a pet waste clean up service.  Poop Fairies was born.

Hiring Soon For Summer Fairies!

Till Then Enjoy Pictures of My Furbabies...

If aliens saw us walking our dogs & picking up their poop, who would they think was in charge?

Arizona & Utah

Our latest additions were adopted during a camping road trip in 2018.  We had just lost our two senior pups in the same year.  We just went to the shelter to “look” at some pups.  The gentleman behind the counter over heard us say that we might adopt two that day.  He directed us to these two.  Believed to be sisters, and they in fact are, he said they would be separated since they were so young.  We just couldn’t have that, so we cut our trip short and brought these furbabies to their furever home.  

Happily they have adjusted well to the spoiled high life and now we are a tight knit family.  

Shadow AKA "Nuggie"

This little guy was a ball of fire.  He liked two people and tolerated a few more.  Like most little guys he had an attitude that didn’t match his stature.  Yet he was so smart we did not realize he was blind until we moved into our new home. He grabbed life like a bull… by the horns.

We were blessed to have him in our lives for 18 years. 

Lincoln AKA "Meatball"

Lincoln had a heart of gold.  His brother, Shadow, hated him like he hated everyone else.  On the seldom occasions that his “big” brother Shadow wanted to play, he would hold the tug toy perfectly still while shadow growled and pulled with all his might. Somehow he knew that if he shook his head just in the slightest, he would hurt his “big” brother Shadow. 

We were blessed to have him in our lives for 14 years.